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March 24, 2011


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Hi Cheryl,

Great stuff. I concur, as I am about to start on a white paper project with a high-tech company who wants to me to write about how their customers can conduct a detailed product comparison themselves.

Keep the content coming!

Once again Cheryl you are spot on!

I just did a post called "To cold call or not to cold call, is that the question?" that was a response to a similar question on Linkedin. One of my bullet points was to provide prospects with information on possible solutions to their challenges and then point out why a particular solution might have more value. Another was the same thing only talking about products.

Your post expands on those thoughts and provides tremendous validation. I'll likely quote you, if that's OK?

Best Regards

Hi Ray, Absolutely. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Cheryl

B2B marketing help you a lot for getting more growth to the business. However B2B services must be strong to provide a good services. Thanks for sharing.

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